Life is hard, people have troubles, and unity needs to abound us back to our original blueprint. That is his core message.  


With a rising presence PoppySeed recalls his first time on stage at Vancouver’s Ocean Club… the excitement, the nerves “I don’t know which one took over” he says, but the take away was definitely “I can’t wait to do this again and again”. 

He has toured western Canada and his first European tour was with New York rapper Kool Keith. He shared the stage with EMI artist Raekwon & rapper/actor Mos Def.  

Gratitude for the lessons and always learning 

PoppySeed muses, if you have to put a label on my music call it Hip-Pop. A genre that fuses hip-hops righteous rants with dance pop melodies. But it’s more; it’s slick and distinctive with a tendency to sneak up on you. Poppyseed's lyrics are akin to a roller coaster ride of emotions. You can be angry, dance, make love and feel empowered all on the same record.  

It’s in the recording studio where he penned such gems as Johnny Cash, precisely as much fun as it sounds and The Breeze, a beautifully crafted piece that easily lends itself to a motion picture soundtrack.  Up until now hip-hop was framed within a certain demographic, enter PoppySeed, whose broad stroke artistry and dance floor hooks makes those listening want to stream or download his music immediately.